Car Engine Rebuilds


Looking to save some money and improve the raw power and fuel mileage you are looking for? Instead of buying a new engine and having it installed, we will rebuild your existing motor at a more affordable cost. The process of all engine rebuilds is described below.


Sports or Racing Engine Rebuilds


Croft Autotech can do an overhaul or complete rebuild depending on your needs. You know yourself already that it takes a real specialist to rebuild a car engine to use for sport or racing. Scott of Croft Autotech is someone with both the experience and enthusiasm to be able to do all your engine rebuilds.


Everyday Car engines


Obviously with the knowledge of how to rebuild a hi powered sports racing car we are able to do the same for your everyday street car.

• Do you need a bit more bottom end power for hills?
• An increase in acceleration for overtaking other traffic?
• Better fuel economy or to cure an overheated cylinder head?


Croft Autotech can fix it for you.