Croft Autotech offer various motorcycle services


Motorcycle MOTs - We now offer class 1 and 2 MOTs for Motorcycles in our new MOT bay.


Tyres - We offer almost every different type of motorcycle tyre from touring tyres to full blown race slicks, although we do not keep stock we can have anything available the next day and it is your choice if you would like us to fit them or supply only.


Servicing - We provide a high standard of service to your motorcycle and everything is covered, we use the highest quality of engine oils and filter elements available.


Track Day / Race Preparation - Here at Croft Autotech our passion is speed and we know what it means to have that ‘perfect track set up’ we will give as much advice as possible in this area having spent a lot of time on track we know there are important things to get right such as:


Probably the most frustrating thing a seasoned track day goer or club racer comes across and is very hard to have it perfect for every track and condition but with the correct equipment and tools it is possible.


Some riders tend to have the problem of brake fade or warping front discs this can be down to a number of things, some of the standard discs are terrible and really need upgrading, brake fluid not being changed often enough or master cylinders not being up to the task.


This area has become less of an issue in recent years with bikes now coming standard with 170bhp out the box but advice can be given on ECU tuning for the serious racer, full engine build to spec.


For any queries concerning Motorcycle repairs or servicing, speak directly to Scott Cheyne.