High Performance Tuning


Here at Croft Autotech, our passion is speed and we aim to provide you with the very best in performance tuning advice.


You may have seen elsewhere on our website that we do complete engine builds and engine tuning. Some of them are done because of the original engine just needs a complete rebuild to extend its life. However many of our customers come to us to increase the power and performance of the car by more than just a complete engine rebuild and tune up. They are looking for full performance tuning and performance upgrades across the board.


Our performance tuning customer requests have also included:


Suspension Upgrades


Suspension upgrades fall into two main categories.


• Lowering of the suspension.
• Full coilover packages.


Note: if you are thinking about a performance upgrade which includes lowering your car or improving handling read on.  There are a number of different aftermarket parts out there of different qualities.  We have seen some cheap (and some sold at excessively high prices) which adjust the height of the car but only do so by compromising your safety.


Some of the “coil overs” on the performance aftermarket (and/or eBay) simply are not any use, a coil over should be able to be adjusted for ride height without changing the springs pre-load if it can’t then this is not a proper coil over set up but a cheap option for cosmetics and will make your handling worse. In some cases, the coil-overs may be supplied with another (but still inadequate) shocker. Whilst these may work for a little while they can fail without warning and/or give very poor handling on the road.


If you are looking to fit coil overs or lowering springs for any purpose including part of an upgrading performance tuning programme come and talk to us before buying anything we can give some independent advice which could save you a lot of money.


Brake Upgrades


If you are upgrading your car engine through performance tuning you should also be considering your brake performance for both your safety and others. Going faster means your brakes are going to be working harder when you need to slow down or stop quickly. If your car brakes are not performing at their optimum best then you may be in real trouble. To protect yourself come and speak to us or ask us for a recommendation.


Engine Performance Tuning


This is probably the area most of our car service customers looking to upgrade their car performance are asking us for. Thankfully it is also an area we have a ton of experience in doing. In addition (or maybe cause and effect) I developed a real passion for this line of work many years ago and looking at customers coming to us from “word of mouth referrals” it has stood us in good stead.


To get this type of car engine performance tuning right I need to spend a lot of time with the customer on a one to one basis to see what exactly you are looking for. Having established that and agreed on the budget we are then happy to organise everything from the ground up. We already have the necessary high performance engine tuning software including ECU remapping for full optimisation purposes.


What’s more we are happy to see our performance tuning customers taking an enthusiastic interest in the way we work on their car. Many a time our customers will walk in and watch us doing porting and polishing work on their car cylinder head. We welcome you being able to do this. However, sometimes it is getting the balance right between talking enthusiastically with you about what we are doing and being able to concentrate on getting it just right. So please forgive us if we can’t always stop to talk at times when doing a fiddly task.


Car Racing Tuning


We can offer race preps/ builds as well ranging from small race track day jobs to full race set-ups. Whatever your requirements are we will do our best to meet them. Obviously before tackling this level of performance tuning upgrade we need to discuss it in detail and draw up an agreed plan of action and budget. But at the end of the day we know you will enjoy the joy and experience of knowing your car is performing just the way you want it.