Time for an Engine Rebuild?


Most people have heard of an engine rebuild but not everyone fully understands what a rebuilt engine really is or what has been done.  Car engines (and motorbike engines) are rebuilt for a number of different reasons. Below we explain some of the reasons and some signs that your car performance could be improved and/or it’s useful life extended.


Why are rebuilds done?


The two main reasons people choose to rebuild an engine are:


• Wear to engine bearings (worn bearings produce loud knocking and eventually can cause a destructive failure of the engine).
• Poorly seating piston rings. (as piston rings wear, they no longer seal the cylinders properly). You may be seeing white smoke coming from the car exhaust.


The moving parts of the engine ie the crankshaft, pistons and rods are mounted on bearings that allow them to move freely. These bearings are constantly lubricated
by your engine oil pump. As you can imagine these bearings have to be built to a very high standard to enable them to last for several thousands.  However despite that they will over time always experience some wear. When a car engine is not being serviced regularly or is poorly maintained (for example allowed to run with insufficient engine oil) this wear is accelerated exponentially.


What’s Done During An Engine Rebuild


When an engine is rebuilt, a few basic things are done to restore it to good working condition. The “short block” or lower half of the engine is removed and sent to our specialist automotive machine shop. Depending on the condition of the internal parts of the engine, the piston rings, bearings and sometimes the pistons themselves are replaced.


How will I know that my car needs an engine rebuild?


One of the most common signs would be the frequent need to top up your engine oil. This is likely to be also accompanied by excessive amounts of white smoke coming from your exhaust.


More extreme signs could be metal shavings in the engine oil (a common sign of dangerously worn bearings) and “knocking” or “chattering” from the engine bearings.


Croft Autotech are able to do full engine rebuilds for any type of car whether you drive for sport or a social commuter.  Remember that an engine rebuild can be relatively expensive and it might not be the right choice for all vehicles.


If you think that you might be in the market for a full or partial engine rebuild speak to Scott Cheyne of Croft Autotech in Ellon. He is available on 01358 722112 for a more detailed explanation of  what would be involved and may suggest some potential alternatives.


Even if you do not need a engine rebuild at this stage Croft Autotech will advise on car service plans. Booking your vehicle into our specialist car clinic could extend the life of your car engine.