ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping In Aberdeenshire

We have already considered the changing role of car engine technology over the last thirty years. Here we look at ECU remapping process in far more detail.

An ECU (engine control unit) can be likened to the brain of the vehicle. This unit contains a small computer processor designed to measure information from a number of different parts of the engine. For example:

  • Engine temperature.
  • Accelerator position.
  • Oxygen content in the exhaust gases.

Using these measurements the ECU brain can control the inflow of petrol to give just the right level of fuel and air mixture to take full advantage of what the driver is asking the engine to do. It does not matter what the car is doing. You could be driving in Aberdeen city centre or up some of the local hills here in Aberdeenshire or speeding along dual carriageways and ready to take on situations like:

  • Accelerating fast to overtake another vehicle.
  • Climbing a steep hill.
  • In a traffic queue at road works or busy city traffic lights.
  • Heavy braking.

A good ECU remapping exercise will allow your car to be continually adjusting a huge number of settings to give the fastest possible response to whatever you are asking at all times.

Did you know that five years ago there were only around 40 tables and 50 calibration switch points?  Today even an average family car could have over 1,000 tables and tens of thousands of data switch points.


Your average garage mechanic in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire or even across Scotland would need very up-to-date information on every single one of these mapping points for your exact car model and your car usage. For example, they could assume that the settings for ECU remapping of one model built in 2013 is the same as the same model built in 2015. He is not likely to know about small remapping changes made between those two years. We check. We know it is important. We know that from our experience gained by running a high-performance car service clinic here in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

That sort of mistake could totally ruin the performance of the car engine, excess pressure on head gasket etc. We have even heard of someone misreading the fuel pressure setting as 100 bar instead of 1.00 bar and bursting the fuel pipes.

They may even be merely installing the original manufacturer’s settings issued when the car was first released. This would, of course, ignore any improvements made over the years to fit your driving. Or even worse, re-introducing a ECU mapping error bug that has since been fixed by the vehicle manufacturer.

It takes someone with the correct full training and modern equipment designed to do ECU remapping exercise. Don’t rely on any garage that uses a CD filled with a thousand ECU remapping settings they purchased for a tenner a few months ago on eBay. They could be a real danger to your car engine.

We develop new ECU maps drawn up individually for your exact car and style of use. An ECU remapping exercise here in Aberdeen or even Aberdeenshire would take into account whether you re-tuning for improved fuel economy or high-performance tuning (or a hybrid of the two for general family use).

Would you like to know what you can expect from your car when we do an ECU remapping service for you?

We have started to list the improvements on some car models. 

So what do you mean remapping the ECU? Why should I alter what the manufacturer has set?

Your car manufacturer builds the engine control unit (ECU) mapping with a number of standard settings. These ecu maps are however primarily aimed meeting all the various standards and conditions across a number of different countries. They are not able to take into account information such as

  • Poorer fuel qualities in some European countries.
  • Different extremes of heat and cold. Southern Italy is generally warmer than Aberdeenshire in North Scotland.
  • Different tax and exhaust emissions regulations existing in different countries.

To do anything else the car manufacturer would need to carry out exhaustive ECU mapping exercises for testing and control emissions in every country they wanted to sell into.

To make it easy for themselves they make one pretty standard ECU remapping model which means compromises have to be made to reach all the different standards required by the various countries. Your ECU remapping setting has been adjusted not for your use here in Aberdeen, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland but has been downgraded to fit all their own standards.


In other words your car in Aberdeenshire Scotland is not going to be performing at its very best.

Croft Autotech Ltd can help drivers right in Aberdeen or across Aberdeenshire and North Scotland. We carry out an ECU remapping exercise to ensure the engine of your car is running at top performance for our countries conditions. This can be done for almost all modern cars without removing any parts. (For a very small number of cars it may be necessary to remove the ECU box to gain access to the ECU chips inside.)


Think about it!

You can have a car engine that will give you maximum torque throughout all gears. Once your engine has been adjusted by our ECU remapping exercise for your area whether it be Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or Scotland it will also experience less wear and tear. It will be using exactly the right fuel mix for the job you are asking it to do at that particular moment.

Using the right fuel mix means you will be able to experience greater power at low revs. You will be able to change your driving style and save money on fuel without loss of performance.

That means you can quickly recover the initial cost of the work and make real savings after that. Get in touch with Scott Cheyne today to find out more.